December 01, 2023

Hazara Encyclopaedia Foundation

Hazara Encyclopaedia Foundation (HEF), is a non-governmental charity organization established in 2012 in Kabul by a group of Afghan writers and researchers with the aim of supporting and conducting a comprehensive research on Hazara ethnic group – one of the four main ethnicities in Afghanistan- and its culture, society, politics and history. HEF’s Founder Council, made of 6 memebrs, is the main governing and executive body which decides on the policy, management and planning of the project. The HEF also decides on the members and structure of the Editorial Board- the main executive body to conduct research, extract entries and monitor the work of authors. The entries, after their extraction from various sources by the staff, will be evaluated and finalised by the editorial board before sending them to the authors to write an academic article on each of them. The board will evaluate, amend and finalise the articles and prepare them for the final editing before publication.