December 01, 2023

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is divided into four categories, according to the areas of expertise and research: History, Politics, Culture, and Geography…


There was no doubt from the beginning on the need for establishing the methodology of the work: to define the indicators for choosing…

Hazara Encyclopaedia Foundation

Hazara Encyclopaedia Foundation (HEF), is a non-governmental charity organization established in 2012 in Kabul by a group of…

What is Hazara Encyclopaedia?

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Areas of Work and Research

The Hazara Encyclopaedia studies all areas related to the Hazara ethnic group, including language, religion, tradition, customs, media, books, geography, environment and sport. To organize the work in a better way, as mentioned earlier, all areas fall into the four main categories of History, Politics, Culture and Geography. The classification is to facilitate the work on the subject and allocate different subjects to the relevant category of authors and editorial board members. There is no doubt that to accomplish this, there is a vital need for extensive in-depth study about Hazara history, custom, language, religion and other elements of their social and political life, as well as their interaction with other ethnic groups in Afghanistan and the region. Such a task cannot be done without a communal effort by researchers and without the necessary funding and support … 

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